Bright Light Therapy

“The Indoor Sun Shoppe Shines light on our most naked of needs”


Commonly known as air plants, these popular gems like bright light and to be sprayed or watered about once a week. 

Carnivorous plants

Pictured above is Sarracenia commonly known as Pitcher Plant. These grow in full sun outdoors year-round, there are many varieties to collect and admire.

Cape Sundew (Drosera capensis)


The Indoor Sun Shoppe has been providing gardening supplies to all types of gardeners for over 45 years.  Whether you are a single plant medical grower or a recreational i502 producer, we can help you from design and setup to complex troubleshooting.

S.A.D. and Light Therapy

We have provided Bright Light Therapy boxes to the PNW for over 20 years.  We have a range of products, compassionate employees and a money back guarantee.


We carry mostly local, hand thrown pottery.  In addition, we have some import pots, and a full line of terra cotta pots.


We have a great selection of houseplants. Tropical and exotic plants including succulents, cacti, orchids, and much more.

Fresh Compost Tea Brew

We have fresh compost tea brewed daily to help build happy plants. We have 1 gallon jugs, or bring your own to save.

Beneficial Insects

Packs of 1500 ladybugs, and beneficial nematodes are available year round.  Praying mantis egg cases are available seasonally.    All the other beneficial insects are available special order.

Read about light therapy in this article from the Seattle Times

A preferred Canna Dealer

& Seattle’s Only Canna Source

The Indoor Sun Shoppe is an authorized and preferred dealer of Canna brand nutrients and coco media.

Venus Fly Trap (Dionaea muscipula)

Air Plants and Terrariums

Mini glass houses with your choice of air plant, tropical jungle, desert scene, or carnivorous bog. Build your own, or grab one on the go.


These beautiful and fragrant plants grow as annuals in the PNW. We take cuttings and overwinter them indoors. 

Indoor Grow Tents

Closet to room size tents to accommodate your desired space.  Grow your favorite plant in a contained environment. Prices range from $200 to $1000

Pink Chenille


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Melissa poses in front of a bed of tillandsias and bromeliads at the Botanical Gardens on Kauai

Ginger flower


Bamboo garden at the National Botanical Garden on Kauai

The Plumeria flower comes in many colors and is best known for it’s fragrance and the Hawaiian Lei

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Princess Flower


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